8 Skills As An Independent Learner

8 Skills As An Independent Learner

An independent learner has the skills to learn independently and the mindset to apply them. That definition can be applied to most people since finding someone who doesn't at least like to learn is difficult. Understanding your skills as an independent learner is an important first step in creating a clear plan to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

What Is an Independent Learner?

Independent learning is a way of learning in which students are responsible for their own learning. It is also called self-directed learning. Independent learners can study on their own without a teacher or tutor. They can learn from books and other resources by exploring their interests and passions and getting help from friends and family members. Independent learners take responsibility for their own learning process.


They enjoy learning and are not afraid of taking on challenges. They can think critically and solve problems independently. These skills help them succeed in life, as they can easily adapt to new situations.

1.     Critical Thinker

A critical thinker can analyze information, solve problems, and make decisions and judgments based on facts rather than emotions or personal opinions. Critical thinking skills help students develop their ability to think logically and reason through problems or challenges they face in life. You can teach your child critical thinking skills by encouraging them to ask questions and explain the reasoning behind different decisions they make throughout the day.

2.     Strong Independent Study Skills

Strong independent study skills are one of the most important characteristics of an independent learner. The ability to set goals for yourself and achieve them is a skill that not everyone has. Managing your time effectively and prioritizing what needs to be done are signs of strong independent study skills.

3.     Ability To Set Personal Goals

A goal is something that you want or need from your education. It will motivate you and keep you focused on completing tasks or projects because they're important to you personally. Setting personal goals allows you to measure your progress toward completing those tasks or projects.

4.     Strong Work Ethic

Having a good work ethic means being committed to doing whatever it takes to complete the task at hand, even if it's difficult or boring at times. A strong work ethic also means asking for help when needed instead of trying to solve everything yourself all the time, which can lead to burnout if there aren't any breaks between long periods of intense study.

5.     Intrinsic Motivation

The best learners are intrinsically motivated: they want to learn for learning, not for grades or other external factors. If students learn because they have to, motivation will be low, and performance will suffer. Teachers need to recognize where each student falls on this spectrum to find ways to motivate them accordingly.

6.     Ability To Create Their Own Structure

A good independent learner should be able to create their own structure for learning independently — whether that means setting up their own schedule or breaking down tasks into smaller steps when needed. As teachers, one of our jobs is helping students develop these skills to succeed in life after school.

7.     Understanding That Mistakes Happen and Learn From Them

Independent learners know that mistakes are a part of life and learn from them. They understand that mistakes happen when we try something new but don’t give up on themselves when they make one. Instead, they use these as opportunities to improve their knowledge base or skill set for future attempts at doing something similar.

8.     Measures Progress

Independent learners measure their progress by setting goals and checking them off when they achieve them. This helps them feel accomplished when they complete certain tasks or projects because they can see how far they have come compared to where they started out at the beginning of their journey. These learners also do not get discouraged if one path doesn’t work out because other options are also available for them to explore!

Tips For Developing Independent Study Skills

Be organized. Have a plan for how you will tackle your project from start to finish. Know what resources you'll need and where they are located so you can easily find them when needed. And don't wait until the last minute! Start early so that if you get stuck on something, there's time to look it up before the deadline arrives.


Use good study habits. Being an independent learner means taking responsibility for your own learning process; this means setting aside time each day to study and being disciplined enough to stick with those study sessions until they're finished, no matter what may come up during the day or week (such as parties). Good study habits include setting aside quiet time when there won't be any distractions — no TV, music, or other people around — and ensuring you're in a comfortable environment with plenty of light (but not too much) so that you aren't straining your eyes while reading text on the computer screen.


Make sure your notes are legible and neat. This will make it easier for others (like your professor) to read and understand later on. Use a highlighter pen or marker for important points or key terms in your notes if necessary.


Use flashcards or other tools that help organize information quickly and easily. Flashcards are especially useful when reviewing for an exam because they allow you to focus on key concepts without worrying about what order they appear in the book or lecture notes.

Academies City For Academic Coaching

You will find these skills in any great independent learner and what you should use to assess your abilities. If you need to build or improve upon any of these skills, work on them before you embark on this journey as an independent learner. You need to be able to meet the challenges and obstacles that inevitably come from learning outside of the classroom, and if you do not have the skills you need, you are likely to fall short. Academies City has all the learning opportunities you need to be a successful independent learner.


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