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Nariman Ezzat

Academic and General English Lecturer.
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  • Cairo, Egypt
I am an English language department of Linguistics and Literature graduate. I am a Cambridge CELTA-certified Academic Lecturer who works in the Academic English field and General English with more than 3 years of experience, teaching more than 8000 students, online and face-to-face, for more than 2000 hours. Currently, I am writing my MA thesis in English Linguistics, specifically Critical Discourse Analysis. I have excellent language skills in Arabic as my mother tongue, English as a native speaker, and french as a second language. My computer skills are excellent in using Microsoft programs. Moreover, my presentation and communication skills are excellent in dealing with various people from different backgrounds. I am a good decision-maker with high problem-solving skills. I am a person who can deal with people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds.
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