Better English Pronunciation: A Practical Course in English Phonetics
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About Course

A  Practical Course in English Phonetics. 

9 sessions

session duration: 130 minutes 

two sessions a week

free Diagnostic Test

Free post-assessment test

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To


1. articulate each consonant and each vowel phoneme

2. distinguish between similar vowels and similar consonants,

3. distinguish between Minimal Pairs both productively and receptively,

4. understand phonemic transcription,

5. distinguish between the American accent and the British Accent both productively and receptively,

6. distinguish between Graphemes and Phonemes,

7. read the phonetic forms confidently.

8. Understand the theoretical aspects of Phonetics

💯Pre-assessment and Post-assessment tests are available for free.

What You Will Learn

You will learn

the basics of English phonetics and pronunciation both theoretically and practically,

the differences between sounds and letters

the main differences between the British and the American Accents


Who Is This Course For?

👨‍🎓Target Audience:
1. English Language Teachers
 2. Phonics Trainers
 3. Students at the Departments of English Language and Translation.

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About Instructor

Hesham Mustafa

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  • Fuwwah, Kafr el-Sheikh, Egypt
Lecturer in English Linguistics Ex-head of the Department of English Language and Translation, College of Sciences and Arts, Qassim University, KSA. A 14-year experience in academic teaching. Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education. (Tanta Univ.) 2000 Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Tanta Univ. (2002) Preliminary Diploma in English Linguistics, Menoufeya, Univ. (2003) M.A in English Linguistics, Menoufeya, Univ. (2008) PhD candidate in Cognitive Semantics and Critical Discourse Analysis Benha University Honorary Membership of the Egyptian Translators and Linguists’ Association EduDam Master Trainer and Consultant CEO of Elite English Specialists
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