Chemistry Moles calculations + Balancing chemical equations Stoichiometry
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About Course

Detailed course in molar calculations 

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

- Balance chemical equations in 4 easy steps 
- Calculate moles 
- Use Avogadro's constant 
- Differentiate between STP (standard temperature and pressure) and RTP (room temperature and pressure) conditions and related calculations 
- Molar gas calculations 
- Concentrations of solutions 
- Limiting and excess reagents 
- Emperical formulae 
- Moles of water in hydrated crystals calculations 

What You Will Learn

Everything related to moles. IB/ American/ National/ IGCSE/ GCSE 

Who Is This Course For?

School and university level students. 

Course Dates

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About Instructor

Maged El Gendy

IGCSE/ GCSE/ Chemistry/ Physics
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  • Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
I have been working as an instructor for different institutes since 2018. I have a bachelor degree in dental surgery but that is matched with my passion for teaching experimental sciences and upholding intellectual values. I provide courses for GCSE/ IGCSE students with emphasis on physics and chemistry.
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