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About Course

Welcome to Academies city English converation club where you get to attend 2 hours session of conversations covering a certain topic. 

Session is divided into 3 parts: 

(1) Vocabs

(2) Scenarios and role plays. 

(3) Free style conversations. 

- There is an option to request a private session with the tutor. 

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

Master your English conversations for the below scenarios: 

(1) At the gym. 

(2) At the supermarket. 

(3) Shopping malls. 

(4) meeting new people. 

(5) At work. 

(6) At home. 

(7) on a business trip. 

(8) in kitchen. 

(9) At college. 

(10) on the phone. 

(11) on an outing. 

(12) on the beach. 

(13) At hotels. 

(14) At the bookshop. 

(15) Beauty centers. 

(16) real estate sales call. 

(17) billing concerns. 

(18) Speaking about myself. 

(19) interviews. 

(20) Positive feelings. 

(19) negative feelings. 

(20) At the cinema. 

What You Will Learn

(1) Pronounciation of words. 

(2) Spoken skills. 

(3) Grammar. 

(4) Vocabs and word recognition. 

(5) oral expression of the English language. 

Who Is This Course For?

Elementary and intermediate English levels (A1,  A2 ,B1 and B2) 

Course Dates

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About Instructor

Dina Elgharbawy

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Certified communication, business soft skills and medical interpretation English speaking trainer.
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