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About Course

This is a customized course, catering special parts (as requested by the student) in IB Biology Curriculum, both SL & HL content.

This course caters one to one sessions, designed and customized according to each student's request,  decided on the 1st meeting (Free Trial Session) between tutor and student, when student reflects his/her need to re-understnad or re-visit specific topics in the IB Biology content. This is mainly in case the student feels some points of weaknesses in specific parts of the content that require revisiting and re explanation. 

Each re-visted part will be supported by PPT presentation slides, videos, examples etc. to ensure the efficient delivey of this part. All in addition to one to one questions and answers during and at the end of each session.

A brief assisstance on IA is also avialable through this course. 

Students joining this course will be provided with the following: 

  • 1:1 live explanation to requested parts of the content.
  • Practicing Exam questions covering requested part, using IB question bank covering papers (1,2,3) as well as OPTION D.
  • A live detailed feedback on students progress based on parctice and assessment done through the sessions. 
  • Detailed PPT slides covering the requested part. All prepared using Oxford IB biology textbook and study guide, following IB course guidelines. 
  • Practice questions, all from past exams, with their markschemes.
  • One final assessment for each paper, to be graded , discussed and supported with a feedback and a detailed markscheme.
  • IA criteria guidelines and a brief IA report feedback (optional)

The number of sessions to be covered by this course depends on the student's requested material, and that to be reflected during the 1st session between the student and the tutor. After the 1st session, the tutor will be obligated to create a timed schedule to cover the required material, with an estimation of the average number of sessions required. 

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

- Explain all essential elements in the part that needs to be revisited.

- Solve different question styles on the revisited part using IB past exms questions. (Paper 1, 2, 3). 

- Identify , annotate and describe all essential diagrams (if any) related to the part that needs to be revisited . 

What You Will Learn

All required objectives in the part needed to be revisited.

- Techniques followed to solve paper 1 , 2 & 3 , using past IB exam questions. 

Who Is This Course For?

IB Biology - SL/HL

Course Dates

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Dareen Abuelyosr

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