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About Course

This course will prepare you for your next IGCSE physics o-level exams. It related to Cambridge and Edexcel students. 

Subscribing to this course will provide you with: 

- Explainations of scientific principles
- Past-paper practice 
- Direct contact with a trained chemistry teacher 24/7

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

Relate different physical quantities together and solve complex formulae. 
Solve past-paper exams, short essay, mcq, etc. 
Prepare you for practical exams and alternative to practical paper exams.

What You Will Learn

  1. The Particulate Nature of Matter
  2. Experimental Techniques
  3. Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  4. Stoichiometry
  5. Electricity and Chemistry
  6. Chemical Energetics
  7. Chemical Reactions
  8. Acids, Bases and Salts
  9. The Periodic Table
  10. Metals
  11. Air and Water
  12. Sulfur
  13. Carbonates
  14. Organic Chemistry

Who Is This Course For?

IGCSE students, Cambridge/ Edexcel.

Course Dates

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About Instructor

Maged El Gendy

IGCSE/ GCSE/ Chemistry/ Physics
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  • Science
  • English, Arabic
  • Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
I have been working as an instructor for different institutes since 2018. I have a bachelor degree in dental surgery but that is matched with my passion for teaching experimental sciences and upholding intellectual values. I provide courses for GCSE/ IGCSE students with emphasis on physics and chemistry.
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