Oral Biology and Histology. Tooth developement stages.
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About Course

This course is specified towards disscussing stages of tooth and root development.

Course includes text-book summary notes and slides related to all details encircling the topic of tooth development. You will also receive videos explaining how to draw different stages of the tooth development.

After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To

- Chronologically order the stages in from first to last
- Discuss in details stages of the tooth development
- Draw each stage with name labels

What You Will Learn

Lecture 1
- Dental Lamina embryonic development structure
- Bud stage

Lecture 2
- Cap stage
- Bell stage
- Tooth eruption

Lecture 3
Practice on drawing and labels

Lecture 4
Practice on drawing and labels

Lecture 5

Who Is This Course For?

Students of dental surgery or dental medicine.

Educational Material

Developement of teeth stages. (Sumamry notes)
Stages and development of teeth (PDF)

Course Dates

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Maged El Gendy

IGCSE/ GCSE/ Chemistry/ Physics
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I have been working as an instructor for different institutes since 2018. I have a bachelor degree in dental surgery but that is matched with my passion for teaching experimental sciences and upholding intellectual values. I provide courses for GCSE/ IGCSE students with emphasis on physics and chemistry.
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