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What's in it for you?

By registering on our site, you will not remain just a ‘simple user’ but you will become a collaborator of one of the leading education marketplaces and start generating money without investing much of your time. A question might come across your mind that ‘how to get a referral ?’, here is how it works

1. Register

Become an integral part of the AcademiesCity by providing just the basic details about you. It will not take more than one minutes of yours, for sure!

2. Invite Users to AcademiesCity

Just enter the email Id of the user and that's it! We will send an invitation email on behalf of you. Want to invite multiple users together? Just enter comma separated email IDs and done!

3. Track Invited User’s Progress

In your login area, you will be able to view whether an invited user has joined the platform or not? If yes, you will be able to view the usertype (I.e. Instructor or Learner) he/she has selected.

4. Get a Referral

Invited user has joined as an Instructor? You will get a referral when he/she lists a paid course. Invited user has joined as a Learner? Then also you will receive a referral amount once he/she makes the payment for the first course/book. It is a win-win situation for you!

Repeat Learners

What People Think About Us

As a leading education marketplace, we have provided the best platform for instructors and helped learners to enhance their skills like never before. We are not just the best for instructors and learners but also best for influencers to generate additional revenue easily. Our users love us, once you will be part of the AcademiesCity family you will not feel the other way around. Here is what our users think about us…

Why should you join AcademiesCity?

There are multiple reasons to Join AcademiesCity

AcademiesCity is one the best education marketplace having expert instructors from almost all industries and having quality courses listed with pocket friendly rates that are hard to get anywhere else. It gives an added advantage to influencers as they are a wide target market for influencer marketing and can easily convince people to join the platform. 

Also, you will not need to invest much of your time as you will just need to enter their email IDs only, however in return you will get a handsome sum of money that is hard to ignore. Here are some of the advantages for Influencers...

  • Easy Registration
  • No Fees, 100% Profit
  • Easy Amount Withdrawal Process
Perks of Being an Inflencer

What you will get as an Infleuncer

Generally, an influencer needs to publish creative content on social media, need to do the research of the target audience, need to do influencer marketing and many other things but these things are optional in case of an AcademiesCity. Invite users from your network, make them join the platform and once the invited user lists a new paid course, books the paid course/class or purchases the book, you will earn money. If you have a strong social media network, no doubt it is an added advantage.

The amount will be added directly to your AcademiesCity wallet and you will be able to withdraw it to your account easily and at any time you want. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s join hands and grow together.

Become an Influencer

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