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Whether you are InHouse teaching classes focused institute, have instructors who take video classes or online lectures, we provide all 3 options. 

Become part of an AcademiesCity as an Institute and let your instructors teach the topics they are passionate about in their favorite mode and that too as per your institute’s schedule. 

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AcademiesCity is not just the leading education platform for learners or individual instructors but we are the best for Institutes as well. We are one of the prime education marketplace that focuses on quality content and provides an option to Institutes to add as many instructors as they have and add as many InHouse, Online and Video teaching classes as they are providing on their favorite topics as per their own schedule.

Why AcademiesCity?

Here are a few of the reasons to join the AcademiesCity

We are one of the best educational platforms allowing institutes to list all types of teaching courses whether it is InHouse, Online or Video. So, as an institute, your instructors will be able to add courses with the teaching approach they like from online teaching courses, video or traditional inhouse classes. Want to list a course on behalf of your Instructor? You will be able to do that as well!

The best thing is all instructors of the institute will be able to set their availability and you as an institute will be able to set the availability of all instructors as well. So, you can decide your instructor's schedule as well as the prices of all the courses, the course amount will be directly deposited to your wallet. Join the AcademiesCity family and

  • Let your instructors list the courses as per your their expertise
  • Give the best learning experience via the teaching your instructors like the most
  • Start generating revenue like never before
How to register as an institute?

Joining as an Institute on AcademiesCity is easy…

Institute registration on AcademiesCity is completely free as well as very easy. Just fill up the institute registration form by providing required details, we will manually verify the details to make sure the details are correct and done!  After approval, you can add as many instructors as you want under your institute. Your instructors, or on behalf of them, you will be able to add as many professional courses, educational material or books written by you and quizzes as you or they want.

Be part of the AcademiesCity and start making a difference in the educational industry by providing quality focused learning experience to every learner. Here are some of the points that will help you notice the difference between other standard education platforms and us…

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1. Set up a free Institute profile

Whether you are focusing on Inhouse classes, online classes or classes with recorded videos, we prefer all modes. Just fill out simple form of institute registration with proper details and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible for profile verification.

3. Manage Instructors and Bookings

Once Instructors, courses, Education Material and quizzes have been added, our extraordinary matching algorithm will suggest them to the matching student profiles. Also, instead of investing time in getting and replying to online classes applications, learners can directly book the classes and can purchase education materials.

2. Add Instructors and courses

After successful verification as an Institute, you will be able to add as many instructors as you want. All instructors of an institute will be able to login to the website, will be able to set their availability,add courses, list education material or books (that they have writer or institute have rights to publish or sell) You can also list on behalf of your instructors.

4. Get Paid

Once instructors complete the course/class successfully, the amount will be added to the institute's AcademiesCity Wallet and you will be able to check booking history as well. Don’t want to keep it in your wallet? You can withdraw that amount directly to your bank account.

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