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Why AcademiesCity?

There are multiple reasons to Join the AcademiesCity

We are one of the leading education platforms that provide options for online live teaching classes, online video courses, and traditional offline classes. So, as an instructor, you will be able to list the courses with the mode that you are comfortable with. Want to add teaching courses in all 3 modes? We would love that as much as you do. 

Not available to take the classes for the entire day? No worries, you have the flexibility of deciding your own schedule, your availability and you can also decide the prices of your courses that will be directly transferred to your bank account whenever you want. Be the part of the world’s largest learning marketplace and

  • List professional courses with your preferable mode of teaching
  • Plan your schedule and availability
  • Decide the course price and start earning money like never before
How to become a tutor?

Becoming an instructor on AcademiesCity is easy…

Teacher registration on AcademiesCity is very easy and completely free. Just provide precise details in the registration form as it will help us to do the proper manual verification and that is it! As an instructor, apart from generating revenue from the classes/courses, you will also have the facility to sell books that you have written or any helpful learning material on the website.

Be part of the AcademiesCity and start generating a steady income from day one. Here are a few points that might help you differentiate us from other standard online education platforms…

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1. Set up a free Instructor profile

Whether you would like to opt for home tutor registration or want to register as an online Instructor, just fill out the simple registration form and we will get back to you as soon as possible for verification. Make sure to upload an appealing profile picture as learners love to see smiling faces.

3. View Bookings and Take Classes

Once your courses/classes go live, our extraordinary matching algorithm will suggest them to the matching student profiles. To speed up the process, instead of getting offline and online classes applications directly get bookings as per your scheduled time and start taking classes.

2. Update Your Availability and List Courses

Access your login area with your login credentials and set your day-wise and date wise availability. After updating the availability, start listing the courses/classes of the topics you love for any category and any industry.

4. Get Paid

Once the course/class is completed successfully, the amount will be added to your AcademiesCity Wallet. Want to withdraw that amount to your bank account? You can withdraw that at any time. Want to keep it as a part of your savings? It is totally your call.

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