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IGCSE English (First + Second Language) complete preparation with the help of solving past papers. 

Complete course module and Cambridge curriculum management 

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Learners will be able to improve their scores by securing A* or A

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Shahzad Shamas

English learning at ease
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My name is Shahzad and I have been teaching English as a second language for the past seven years. The highlight of my experience is teaching in an international school, where children from many different nationalities are enrolled. I have to resort to different activities to better match the diverse learning outcomes. Also, I prepare learners for IELTS and SAT by engaging them in multi-level practicals to apply English confidently and enthusiastically. As far as teaching English to the children is concerned, I do not make the children depend too much on written resources, instead I involve the children in practical activities and activities that will increase their interest in learning English. Their interaction with me is very open and they don't feel any hesitation. Most of the children feel ashamed when they do something wrong, so I develop such a friendly relationship with the children that children confidently ask me questions and they share their mistakes and shortcomings with me without any hesitation and thus they get an opportunity to increase their learning-outcomes. As far as my trial class is concerned, I take a short type of test to get to know any child in my trial class and that test as an evaluation plays its role by which I get an idea of ​​the child's ability to know what kind of material I have to prepare for what is the level and how I have to manage the curriculum and at what stages it has to be assessed
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